Calgary Eavestrough Services

Soft Metal Experts offers eavestrough installation and repair services to Calgary & area

Leaf Guard & Gutter Screens

Prevents leafs from entering your gutter. Prevents clogging

At Soft Metal Experts we offer leaf guard installation in Calgary. One of the preferred vendors we work with is Alu-Rex, which is known for its Gutter Clean system and T-Rex continuous eavestrough hanger. Alu-Rex Gutter Clean is a leaf guard system built to protect your home by preventing debris from entering your gutters or downspout potentially causing it to clog and require maintenance down the road.

The T-Rex continuous hanger provides you with a closed and seamless eavestrough and, when added to your gutter system, will make it even stronger and more durable, further protecting your home from potential damage.

Using state of the art machinery our Calgary eavestrough installation and repair professionals can custom form a seamless system right on site. This cuts back on the amount of waste produced because we can form the correct length needed and not any extra.


Differences That Matter

  • Experienced installers
  • Best warranty
  • Colour match screw
  • Bolted pipe extensions


  • 5″ Standard
  • 6″ Commercial or Premium
  • Box Form Custom


  • 2 5/8″ x 2 5/8″
  • 3″ x 3″
  • 3″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 4″


  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Lux

Downspouts Options

Our Eavestrough & Downspouts Services

Our gutter installation team can provide you with different options to find the right look for your home, while also finding a colour that complements it. One option we offer is a 5-inch aluminum gutter system that’s .023″ thick. This comes pre-painted in a variety of colours, or in a mill finish. It’s also available in 28-gauge steel.

Our 6-inch aluminum gutter is .03″ thick and comes in pre-painted aluminum or a mill finish that’s also available in 26-gauge steel.

Another somewhat common request we get for an eavestrough downspout system is a custom break form gutter. We’re able to design it on site to suit any application. It comes in any sheet metal available, including steel and copper aluminum.

Lastly, at Soft Metal Experts we can also install a half round or European style gutter. This is the very best and highest end product available. This type of gutter is installed for people looking to be a cut above when it comes to the exterior look of their home. The half round gutter comes in steel and copper.

SME has an eye for design. We can help find creative solutions to your drainage issues.

Having a screen on your eavestrough is an easy and essential way to protect your home, especially if you live in an area with plenty of leafy trees. A gutter screen will block debris from getting into the system and causing it to overflow.

While one overflow may not damage your home right away, over time it will begin to erode the soil. This can damage the stucco and lead to issues with your home’s foundation. If it does overflow, you may need more than an eavestrough repair. You could be looking at replacing the entire damaged the system. By having a gutter screen properly installed the first time, it can also reduce the effort required to maintain your gutter and downspout. The result is you save precious time cleaning it down the road.

At Soft Metal Experts we can also provide custom splash guards and downspout diverter flashings, which work similarly to the leaf guard eavestrough system, enabling your eavestrough & downspout to function properly.

A downspout diverter allows water to flow properly from your roof rather than running over your eavestrough, or wicking along a wall. Without one, water will eventually erode your stucco or potentially penetrate your home. Water damage can be extremely costly, which is why splash guards and diverter flashings are an excellent way to protect your home.

It’s important to examine how your roof line meets your eavestrough so you can make sure water is flowing correctly. A new eavestrough installation may not be the whole solution, especially if you’re experiencing water running onto the fascia. Roofing should be lapped on top of a drip flashing helping direct water to the eavestrough and keeps it away from your fascia.

If you’re concerned about the aesthetic aspect of an we offer a variety of eavestrough and downspout colours and materials. Ask us about the best shape, colour and size to suit your home and the look you’re going for. We provide and install everything to complete and customize your project, including funnels, water diverters and rain barrels.

Soft Metal Expert’s are Calgary eavestrough specialists. Whether you need a gutter screen, downspout or continuous eavestrough, give us a call.