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Cladding is the perfect finishing touch on a commercial or residential property. Wall cladding, exterior cladding, window cladding it’s all essentially the same thing just used in different applications. Aluminium cladding is a metal feature that that’s applied over another material to add an extra layer of protection.

Metal cladding, made from coated aluminum or steel, is the best way to finish your windows and other exterior trim because, unlike wood or “smart trim,” it almost never has to be repainted. This means you can enjoy it worry free for years to come.

Designed To Last

Cladding is also incredibly valuable and lasts much longer then wood alternatives. It maintains its sharp look over the years and won’t twist, warp, or expand. Soft Metal Experts can create a custom exterior cladding design specifically for your home. Using our portable break, we can bend metal to custom fit any project right on site, saving you time and money. Our metal cladding is pre-painted aluminum and comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing the paint will not fade, bubble, split or crack.

Because it comes in a variety of colours and metals — including real copper, smooth finishes and woodgrain finishes to name a few — it’s best if you give us a call or send an email so we can go over all the options available to you.

Soft Metal Experts isn’t just your residential custom cladding expert. We also work on commercial projects. For our commercial clients we can create a design based off your needs. We can help identify the problem, design a solution and build it using a heavier steel product to complete installation. Give us a call and let’s get started today.

If you can draw it, we can bend it. We bend custom cladding from:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminium